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Twitter is launching a feature (only for payers of the Twitter subscription service) where you can double flex your NFT pfp. Of course, you can screenshot your NFT and put it on Twitter but you can be the ‘verified’ owner through its new feature believe it or not. The “flex” of owning a sought-after NFT is hot so showing that off will definitely make you look cool and possibly more attention.

UNICEF, a United Nations agency responsible for providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide, has created its own NFT collection. The following proceeds are to support internet connectivity at schools. So far $740,000 has been raised! As UNICEF makes more re-sales of its NFTs it will continue to donate to the cause of internet connectivity for schools. This is a great application for NFTs that non-profits, businesses, and personal brands can model.

After talking about Ozzy Osbourne’s NFT project, CrpytoBatz, there has been a breach on Discord. People have lost hundreds if not thousands of dollars by a scammer on Discord. The wallet that all the stolen ETH was sent to a wallet that had $150,000 worth of ETH.

Tom Brady is putting in work on and off the field. In the NFT world, he is the co-founder of Autograph. A company that just received a Series B funding of $170 million. The company will help A-list athletes curate ways to impose NFTs for their personal brand. Autograph’s roster of athletes includes Tom Brady himself, Tiger Woods, Tony Hawk, Derek Jeter, Naomi Osaka, Usain Bolt, and Wayne Gretzky. Sheesh!

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