The reawakening of Wooshi!


The Limited Edition Genesis Minting of Wooshi World includes 11,111 procedurally generated colorful meta-companions with hundreds of accessories inspired by gaming culture.

Each Wooshi is animated and fully rendered in 3D. The goal was to bring life to Wooshi in order to create meaningful connections to the character.

Deep in the metaverse, on the island of Gor, live a species of tiny creatures called the Wooshi. Though cute and cuddly on the outside, the Wooshi are vicious fighters. Their sharp fangs and bone clubs allow them to deliver serious damage, but they’re just as happy in battle as they are sleeping and playing pranks on each other. The Wooshi can usually be found terrorizing the other residents of the metaverse and getting up to other mischief.

Our hero in this story is a Wooshi whose name we don’t yet know. While the other Wooshi fight among themselves, prioritizing their own ends above the greater good of Gor, this Wooshi is willing to look beyond the conflict to save the island. He isn’t a member of any order, making him the rarest Wooshi of all.

He is extremely powerful, but because he hasn’t focused his abilities into a single area, they can often be difficult for him to control. Fiercely independent, he nonetheless works with the leaders of other Wooshi clans to achieve his goals, at times forging unexpected alliances. He can learn skills from these other orders, allowing him to make use of each one’s most powerful techniques.

To enlist support for his mission to save Gor, our hero has recently travelled to Earth, searching for allies among the gamers, apes and degens who wish to enter the metaverse. When he isn’t fighting for the fate of Gor, this particular Wooshi enjoys hanging out in the arcades in Tokyo’s Akihabara district, drinking too many sodas, trolling Twitch streams, dining and dashing at ramen shops, and playing tricks on the locals near the H4X L4B.

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