Why You Should Own ATLEAST +3 ANATA 🤑ANATA NFT Price Prediction
The Anata treasury is unlike most treasuries in defi. The goal is not to grow it — they seem to want to be one of the first treasuries that gets aggressively burnt to make stuff. There is no RFV, it will never earn revenues (except royalties), it will never launch a coin, and never get distributed. The treasury is exclusively for creating more art, hiring folks onto the project for long term support (ie. mods), and building out the world of Anata. They wish to have a full charter to kick off the treasury once the mint completes but expect it to be used to deliver some cool stuff that holders want.Some ideas include: Commissioning a 3D VRM studio to make a metaverse-ready 3D model of each Anata, Allowing users to become their Anata in 3D virtual realities like VRChat, NeosVR, and more
Commissioning a professional 2D anime-style art team to create stylized 2D profile pictures of each Anata. Your own personal unique 2D art, great for PFPs, banners, and wherever else you’d like to show off your avatar.


Full Anata NFT Demo with Big D Senpai and DCFGOD

The Anata NFT [NFT Projects Explained]

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