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Unbanked formerly known as Ternio. is a fintech company who specializes in crypto-bridged financial products. They basically allow people to use digital currencies in their everyday lives operating as a form of crypto bank, offering bank accounts that allow people to buy and eventually sell digital currencies.This feature is available in the United states but they are currently seeking to expand Globally launching bank accounts and debit card Programs across various international markets.Users can also utilize the unbanked protocol in a traditional lending/borrowing model facilitated by smart contracts to leverage digital assets as collateral to borrow funds from other users of the Protocol. Aka a crypto bank loan. Side note ( theres a way to get 0 fee borrowing and i’m gonna tell you about it so stay tuned).Now guys we can see why Mark Cuban could possibly be involved right? This project is a crypto bank… and where would a billionaire that’s big into crypto look to put his money?

The Unbanked Company Story

Introducing Unbanked

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