Creature World just surpassed 2.2ETH, with the prices ranging from 1.1ETH to 1.3ETH just less than a week ago.

On the official Creature World Twitter Space that occurred on the 14/11, Danny Cole stated that Creature World “allows those who possess a piece of the art to become a part of your art. It allows you to grow and develop with the art in a way that really guides you through a journey of self-discovery.”

Another bold statement that had a massive impact on the uprising price of Creature World in the following days was his statement that “it is genuinely the most exciting art project that I’ve ever heard of. We Not for the reasons of anything that we’ve put out, but because of what is about to come out, and what is about to begin.”

With the upcoming new journey of Creature World within their roadmap, the future is looking very bright for the holders of Creature World. If you have been looking to get on board, maybe this might be the time to deeply reconsider it as the time is ticking and the price will definitely skyrocket within the next couple of months.

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