In this video we go over the differences between Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT’s & CryptoPunks and we take a closer look at Angry Apes United and their potential as a blue chip NFT project.

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The biggest difference between BAYC and CryptoPunks lays in the utility. CryptoPunks is the first OG-NFT project out there, focussing on their art.
BAYC gives value through the strong community perks, their high-end network, giveaways & real life meet-ups and more.

Last week BAYC overtook CryptoPunks for the very first time on opensea, BAYC had a floorprize of 53,9ETH while CryptoPunk was set at 52,69ETH.

What does this mean for other high-utility offering NFT projects out there like Angry Apes United?

Angry Apes United is a new NFT project that launched 8888 Angry Apes and sold out in 13 minutes. They focus on providing their holders with high utilities. They give away Bored Apes, Mutant Apes and other NFTs, they have had their first meet-up in LA giving away a Rolex to one of their holders and have planned more meet-ups and Tesla giveaways.

Apart from their give-aways holding an Angry Ape will give you access to their P2E game in the Metaverse that will launch later on.
Their second NFT drop the ‘Jungle-Destroyers’ is set to launch today on the 27th of December.
Holding either an Angry Ape of Jungle-Destroyer allows you to earn their linked token that’ll have in-game perks like upgrading your NFT to a 3D avatar and getting additional armor & weapons.

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Disclaimer: I am not a professional adviser, my channel is for entertainment purposes only. Any content created, discussed and/or expressed by me ‘Michael Pomp ‘Pompeus’ is purely opinion based. I personally hold Angry Apes United NFT’s myself.

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