Why are people paying hundreds of thou$ands of dollars to own one of these pixelated images? I’m going to give you the scoop!

If you think I’m acting weird, don’t be alarmed !promise I’m always like that

Tbh ~ Soon as I found out about the Nouns project, I was deeply intrigued, and I just *had* to learn more.
Hmm ~ actually heard about the Nouns project
Becuase of a different NFT project using their same artwork.

Artwork used by the Nouns project is in the public domain so
Anyone can use it!

You can learn more about the project at https:/nouns.wth ~ you can also check back to this channel, because I will be following the Nouns DAO as they jounrey to become a behemoth in the cryptoverse ~ and beyond!

Metaverse Music Festival Happening Today! October 29, 30, 3st of 2021!

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