In this video, we start with the question of What Does World of Women, Women and Weapons, Rebel Society and Alpha Girl Club Have in Common? It’s that they are all projects that are either run by women or are all avatars of women in NFTS! I feel like women have been grossly underrepresented in the NFT space as a whole and I’m so glad that Women in Crypto day was able to shed some light on some amazing female-led projects that exist in the NFT space! We also touch on metarim for a little bit and discuss what the catalyst could have been that made metarim’s floor price plummet on opensea. It’s so exciting to be able to shine the light on female focused projects such as Women and Weapons, Alpha Girl Club, Rebel Society, Ethergals and many, many more that are FINALLY getting their just due!

Projects Mentioned:

World of Women –
Women and Weapons –
8SIAN Main Collection –
Alpha Girl Club –
Rebel Society –
Metarim –

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