great discussion with WhaleShark top NFT investor.

Whale Shark has bought 210,000 NFTs, including some well-known ones.

“The Whale” – who prefers pseudo-anonymity – is 38, originally from the U.K., lives in Hong Kong and, more importantly, he owns a whopping 210,000 NFTs. It’s possible he owns the most valuable trove of NFTs on the planet, or maybe it’s number two or three. (He’s confident it’s in the top five and happily agrees to independent audits from

The Whale likes helping newcomers understand NFTs. Sometimes that means working with Paris Hilton, whom he spoke with a day before our call. “I’m just helping onboard them [Paris and her fiancé, Carter Reum] into the deeper areas of NFTs,” says Shark. “She’s very excited and very enthusiastic as well as already very knowledgeable about NFTs.” (She had just announced on Twitter she’s “getting ready to go big in NFTs.”)

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