So here’s the story – I have put everything on the line and made a bet against the music industry status quo that even though I’m an independent artist making my weird techno and synth pop, my art can still hold real value in this digital age and I can get paid directly for my work without having to beg for donation, write news letters, or masquerade or sell out to a commercial or corporation.

And, of course, I have been mocked and shot down every which throughout this journey and i don’t blame anyone it’s just because we’ve become so lost in all this technology.

The battle to get the media to acknowledge my story at all, that this NFT came before Kings Of Leon and to share that information about an independent artists is the true first NFT Album ever up with pub rights has been next to impossible. I did get Rolling Stone to amend their statement though and Wikipedia is changed but there’s still a long road ahead. And if you wonder why it should matter if the news states the reality then think about if it should matter if independent artists should also deserve spotlight and chance to express their voice for the world?

With the current NFT hype machine, we see as clear as day the division and the problem happening for struggling artists is real.. If I lose this bet then I was wrong and I have failed in getting a whale to understand the real value here without the hype, without the brand, just the art and the message.

One of the reasons why Whale Shark the album is as rare as it gets is no mid level or up and coming artists in their right mind in 2021 would consider taking their entire work and putting it up for 100K reserve price instead of streaming it for 0.004cents…

I know it sounds insane and it’s a shame that it’s sound insane because it would not have been insane at all 15 years ago to imagine getting paid 20 40 60 100k for an artist who put their life into their work directly for the art and not from a commercial, not for a corporate entity, not from a live show…

Anyway, not much more to do at this point. two days left and I want to thank everyone who hasn’t laughed or scrutinized my work and my art, who has supported me and believe we can make a change.

We can support the arts and technology harmoniously for the people, by the people. ALL the people.

If you appreciate this message please help spread the word. The real NFT album auction ‘Whale Shark’ ends tomorrow on OpenSea

Thank you all and I’ll see you Friday march 19 in Club House at the Electronic Music Community – 10PM EST for the big countdown!

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