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Emma is talking about innovation recently popular in the NFT photography market – Edition Collections. She then shares which pieces she has added to her collection, and why she is excited about these types of collections.🚀
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00:00 – ↗️ Intros

💸 Collection update-

3:30 – Lost in Transit Mike Schmidt
10:39 – It Starts with a dream – Sarah Lyndsay
14:24 – Split Stories 2.0 – Sammya Brata
19:38 – At the Epicenter of Covid 19 – F. Dilek Uyar
24:42 – Ticket to the World – Yulia Denisyuk
28:38 – London Editions Part 1 – Emre Sarigul – Turkwise

31:14 – 🎉 Exciting News for Emma

32:43 – ↘️ Outros

↗️ Intros

Emma is talking about a new fad in the NFT space – Edition Collections. She welcomes us to the world of collections composed of editions, and tells us a little more about the market, and how this innovation started.

💸 Collection Update

Emma tells us about the Edition Collections she has recently got involved in.

To connect with the artists of the projects highlighted in this video – we’ve included their twitter links below!

Lost in Transit by Mike Schmidt – https://twitter.com/MikeSchmidt_eth

It Starts with a Dream by Sarah Lyndsay – https://twitter.com/sarahlyndsay_

Split Stories 2.0 by Sammya Brata – https://twitter.com/Deckle_Edge

At the Epicenter of Covid 19 by F. Dilek Uyar – https://twitter.com/FDilekUyar

Ticket to the World by Yulia Denisyuk – https://twitter.com/YuliaDenisyuk_

London Editions: Part 1 by Emre Sarigul – https://twitter.com/turkwisee

🎉 Exciting News for Emma

Emma shares some of the exciting news about an upcoming edition’s collection by Hendro Soetrisno that she has been asked to help curate.

To connect with Hendro Soetrisno – https://twitter.com/fineartbyhendro

↘️ Outros

Emma shares some words of encouragement, and says bye!

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