Welcome back fam!
Today we tried out a brand new course played 18 holes and ended up playing bad on the front 9, decent on the back 9. Stay tuned for rhe back 9 vlog to see my final score!
Let me know if you see your favorite VeVe NFT and which ones you want to see next!
This is only the front 9 holes, will be uploading the back 9 soon!

Also, I will be getting back to the live drop shows just wanted to take a week off and try something new and never done before, vlogging with VeVe NFT’s! I believe videos, vlogging, youtubers, social media influencers all will use their premium licensed digital collectibles in augmented reality for all of their content in the future. This is the beginning!

#VeVe #vevecollectibles #VeVeGolfVlog

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