In this video, we talk about the Alpha sharks NFT tool and discuss some of the features that with help you beat the competition along with the alpha sharks nft white paper and the team and a deep shark tools overview! We also discuss the bored ape yacht club (BAYC) merchandise drop as well. Michael from goes on a rant about Floyd Mayweather NFTs and discussed his past failed NFT and crypto ventures like Ethereum Max and his first NFT launch Floyds world that came before the mayweverse NFTs that he just launched again in order to grab some cash from the NFT space! Let us know in the comments about why you think traditional celebrities always screw up and have their NFT launches tank?


0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Coniun NFT Pass Update
1:45 – Alpha Sharks NFT Tool
4:42 – Alpha Shark NFT Whitepaper
6:03 – BAYC Merch Drop
6:40 – How to pay for BAYC merch
7:03 – Would you use apecoin to buy BAYC merch?
8:10 – Floyd Mayweather NFT Drop Recap
8:32 – Has Floyd scammed us before?
9:45 – The ONE good thing about Mayweather NFTs!
10:27 – Mayweather NFT utility
11:08 – How Floyd could’ve made more money
13:35 – Dan’s thoughts on celebs in web3
13:44 – Coniun NFT pass features
15:30 – Watch THIS next

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