Let’s talk NFT’s… specifically this new NFT called The Secret Society XX (T$$ XX).

This was the first NFT I’ve purchased ever, I actually was able to mint it which was a cool experience.

And you guys know I had to grab more than 1 !!

I’m going to be telling you guys all about this project as well as my thoughts prior to & after purchasing it.

I will be doing an update video for you guys on this project also

I’m excited to go into this journey & get into this new world of web 3 & NFT’s with you guys

If we reach 10K SUBSCRIBERS & 8K LIKES within 2 WEEKS of this upload I will give away one of my T$$ XX NFT’s to one of you guys. How to enter the giveaway will be announced in the next video if we reach that goal within that time frame. If not, don’t be discouraged there will be a giveaway soon on my channel, we just have to smash some goals first haha!

I appreciate everyone for tuning in & I hope this helps!

T$$ XX Official OpenSea Link : https://opensea.io/collection/the-secret-society-xx-collection

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