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We conducted a discussion on NFT’s (non-fungible tokens), including what they are, what makes them valuable, and how their ability to record digital assets on the blockchain will impact collectibles, gaming, real estate, and beyond!

The overall objective of this talk is to introduce the concept of NFT’s to developers and other tech innovators, showing off the current capabilities and future opportunities.


1. What are NFTs?
2. Current state of NFT’s (as collectibles), and how they came to be.
3. Why are NFT’s valuable as collectibles? (Can’t I just copy/paste?)
4. NFT’s in gaming? (How can they be used? How can game developers utilize an NFT ecosystem they don’t solely control?)
5. Beyond gaming and collectibles—Why should we care about this “bubble”? Is there anything “real” NFT’s are good for?
6. Q&A

Our Speakers:

Nate Talbot (Moderator) – Detroit Blockchain Center

Adam Zientarski – EOS Detroit

Rob Konsdorf – FACINGS

Marsai Matchett – FACINGS

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