If you don’t know him already, Whaleshark is one of the most high profile investors in the NFT and metaverse space today. He does not miss, and has no plans of slowing down in the coming years. And in this video we’re going to look at $whale, the social token that Whaleshark created last year, from an investor standpoint.

For some quick background, Whaleshark locked his large collection of valuable NFTs in a vault and then created $whale as a social token backed by the value of the vault. But as you’ll see in this video the connection between the two isn’t as concrete as it sounds, and today the market cap of $whale is more than double the value of the vault. That means the rest of the value comes either from expectations of future appreciation for the vault, both from what is already in there as well as future buys, and the community. Whale also provides passive income opportunities for major holders, and you can make upwards of 30% return on your investment – which as far as I can tell is one of the best social token value propositions out there right now.

Ultimately, this token requires you to hold a lot of trust in Whaleshark the individual – which might not work for those who are looking for more decentralized projects. But this will be a feature of most, if not all, social tokens, and does not by itself make an investment bad. $Whale is up significantly from when it launched last year (from less than $1 to $21), and it has a lot more room for growth if the NFT space keeps expanding. You’ll need to start with your personal NFT thesis as this token will have some correlation to the market (especially Top Shot, which as you’ll see is a big part of the vault).

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0:00 – intro
1:46 – what is $whale?
2:48 – $whale token basics
3:41 – the whaleshark in the room…
4:49 – this token has solid passive income
6:11 – taking a look at the whale vault
8:42 – wait, you don’t actually own the vault?
9:59 – so should you buy or not?

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