What are the most undervalued NFTs on Paras marketplace right now?

NFT projects on NEAR Protocol are in still in the very early stages. In this video I talk about what has happened over the past 4 months in NEAR NFTs and what we can learn from it. And since we have a lot of newcomers to NEAR NFTs over the past few days I’ll talk about which current projects I think are undervalued and why. This space is brewing with opportunity. I’ll keep you up to date with the latest news and info as the NEAR NFT space grows.

🚀 Antisocial Ape Club: https://paras.id/collection/asac.near
🚀 NEARnauts: https://paras.id/collection/nearnautnft.near
🚀 Secret Skellies Society: https://paras.id/collection/secretskelliessociety.near
🚀 MARA DAO: https://paras.id/collection/mara-smartcontract.near
🚀 NEARton: https://paras.id/collection/nearton_nft.near
🚀 Near Tinker Union: https://paras.id/collection/tinkerunion_nft.enleap.near
🚀 Kokumo Kongz: https://paras.id/collection/kokumokongz.near
🚀 The Bullish Bulls: https://paras.id/collection/thebullishbulls.near
🚀 Near Street Wolves: https://paras.id/collection/nstreetwolves.near
🚀 Degen Lizards: https://paras.id/collection/degenlizard.near
🚀 The Arrogant Youth Circle: https://paras.id/collection/tayc-nft.near
🚀 EngiNeart: https://paras.id/collection/engineart.near
🚀 The Dons: https://paras.id/collection/mrbrownproject.near
🚀 Near Tiger Academy: https://paras.id/collection/tigeracademy.near
🚀 NEAR Gurls: https://paras.id/collection/neargurls.neartopia.near
🚀 Astro Pups: https://paras.id/collection/astropup.near
🚀 Mr. Brown: https://paras.id/collection/mrbrownproject.near
🚀 Pixacotta Army: https://paras.id/collection/nft.pixacottaarmy.near
🚀 Korosenai Ninjas: https://paras.id/collection/ninjasurvivors.neartopia.near
🚀 Cool Dogs Club: https://paras.id/collection/cooldogsclub.near
🚀 NEAR NFT DAO: https://paras.id/collection/near-nft-dao-by-nearnftdaonear

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