Pump and dumps are back in fashion, only this time they’ve got a new name. Rug pulls. And the arena they play in? The NFT space. Loads of people, including many celebrities, are making millions off of these rug pull schemes, which begs the question… how are they done? In this video, I talk about one specific method of a recreatable rug pull scheme.

Link to guy who did lots of research- https://caughtin4k.org/nft-cashgrab-ring-at-large/

Intro- 00:00
Build a following- 01:05
Create your art- 01:49
Announce the news- 02:50
Promise everything- 03:15
Prevent Them From Thinking- 04:01
Virality Techniques- 04:35
Blast Off- 05:00
Outro- 05:49

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