There’s video called “Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs” by a YouTuber named Dan Olsen. Olsen literally made a feature length video essay explaining pretty clearly and accurately the mechanics of cryptocurrency, and many of the failings of the technology and ecosystem, before also sharing his view that it’s ALL a scam, top to bottom, start to finish, all of it, from Bitcoin, right on down to the latest rug-pull. Which is a pretty staggering accusation honestly, conflating bitcoin, which was a technological breakthrough, solving a decades old distributed computing problem, and synthesizing ideas from cryptography, economics, psychology, and more — conflating THAT with some garbage NFTs that popped up three months ago, that’s just… false. It betrays an incredible bias, that this is somebody who came to the table with an agenda, and no matter how much research they’ve done, they’re new to the topic.

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