On this episode of 60 Mints, the NFT show, we bring you the latest news in NFTs explained for beginners, including the Squiggles Rug Pull, Crypto Punks avatars, and Nike’s lawsuit against Stock X.

Plus, new updates from upcoming NFT projects Invisible Friends and Wonderpals.

~~~ On this show ~~~
0:00 – NFT show intro
0:35 – Squiggles NFT might have been a scam
2:24 – Big NFT Sales over the last 24 hours
3:00 – Invisible Friends and Wonderpals announce drop date
3:38 – Apple leaks VR code, realityOS
4:15 – Ready Player Me Crypto Punk drop and what it means
6:00 – Dapper UFC 271 has bling on the fighters
6:57 – Nike lawsuit against Stock X for their Vault NFTs

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