Cloud Storage Providers

Cloud storage is a logical pool in which digital data is stored while a hosting company manages the physical environment. These providers are responsible for the accessibility and the availability of the stored data. They should also make sure that the physical environment runs properly without any threats. Organizations and people lease or buy this storage capacity from these providers in order to store the end user data and information.

Many personal cloud storage providers are able to host the stored data and see that it is available for the users as and when requested. Some of the best ones are,


LaCie CloudBox
Different versions of LaCie are available that offer storage space from 1TB to 4TB. Users on a home network will be able to access data on a remote unit, in an ecosystem called MyNAS, which is supported by the vendor. Via the MyNAS portal, users are able to access the remote access services. They support iOS but a major drawback is that they are not available in the Android environment.

Cloud Storage Devices


Seagate Central
This external drive unit loaded with cloud facilities is similar to others, with storage capacities such as 2TB, 3TB and 4TB. With the website, users will be able to get file-level access that is web-based. Free iOS and Android media apps are available from Seagate that let the users stream videos from Central. Moreover, they have apps that run on Samsung Smart TV that enable video streaming from Seagate to the television. Seagate is credited to be the first one to ever render such services.


D-Link Sharecenter Cloud Storage
You can access the myDLink portal for remote access to the ShareCenter family. Some of the models are 4-bay Cloud Storage 4000 (DNS-345) models and the 2-bay Cloud Storage 4000 (DNS-345) models that are part of the NAS enclosures. Depending on the storage capacity of the drivers, the cloud storage allows a storage space of up to 8TB. The products from DLink come with a three-year warranty.


Western Digital My Book Live
This personal cloud storage system comes with a range of one, two or three TB drives and the facility to access data from the portal The service provider also provides 4 TB and 6 TB of storage space for My Book Live Duo models that have a two bay configuration.

These are some of the top cloud storage systems that help you manage digital data efficiently for personal or official needs.