This week on the CoinGeek Pulse, we are back with more updates for our viewers.

Reacting to the digital currency hubbub, governments worldwide take different steps in respective countries. The government of South Korea will toughen regulations of digital currency transactions that take advantage of the so-called “kimchi-premium” primarily on BTC at local exchanges. Meanwhile, Turkey banned digital currency and digital assets for payments. On the bright side, England will explore a UK central bank digital currency (CBDC) possibility.

Moving on to non-fungible tokens, National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden sold an NFT depicting himself for $5.4M. It’s one of the most expensive single-piece NFTs, trailing behind Beeple’s $69M artwork sale and a pair of CryptoPunks, proceeds of which will go to the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

One of the first bona fide NFTs in the market, SLictionary, is a new app that uses tokens very creatively. Users can earn BSV by searching and adding word definition, which becomes an NFT. The token’s owner makes money each time a user searches his word and uses his definition. Users need a Money Button account to get started.


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