If you have any concerns with these rules, it is strongly advised that you keep an eye out for updates on the blog before contacting us personally. Please read through all these rules before applying! :)

Before applying:

  • We can get very picky, BUT: our decision is final.
  • You must be at least 13 years old.
  • When applying, you must have a current website or a dummy page (even on Freewebs) that shows both coding and graphics. If you have none, you can provide screenshots or email the files to us (mention this in the comments).
  • You must have decent knowledge of coding and design. Using premade layouts/WordPress themes is okay, but you should be able to edit them and work them your way.
  • Sorry, but hosting-only sites are not accepted. We will accept most kinds of sites without offensive content, and you may host people, but your site cannot only be for hosting.
  • We do not allow forums. The reason for this is that we cannot always monitor what happens on these forums and we need to be able to make sure that you are abiding by our rules.
  • If you become hosted elsewhere please do the right thing and let us know.
  • Filling in the comments on the application form is not a requirement, but if you can provide reason to why you would like to or need to be hosted, we will provide extra consideration in hosting you.
  • You will receive a reply whether you are accepted or not. Allow up to a week for a response.

After acceptance:

  • Don’t take too long to open your site. If one month has passed since we have set up your account and your website isn’t open, we will remove you.
  • Password sharing is not allowed and you may not share your account with anyone else.
  • You MUST link back to Floriental.org for your hosting. It does not have to be on every page, but it must be linked somewhere visible, such as a credits page.
  • Please notify us if you are going on hiatus, or at least post an update on your blog with the date of your possible return.
  • If you find that you are running out of space feel free to contact us and we will adjust your account with more free space. The reason that we do not give out a lot of space right from the off is because we like to keep some control and only provide space when absolutely necessary, instead of “overselling”.
  • You are responsible for the backing up of your files and data. Should there be a problem with the server and files are lost, we will not be held responsible for your loss. While the server uptime is guaranteed 99% of the time, this doesn’t mean that the server is immune to problems. If a server change is conducted or we need to upgrade, we will do our best to make sure nothing is lost.
  • Please let us know if you will be opening up hosting on your site so we are aware that there will be other people using the server. This is really quite important as we do need to monitor the usage of space and ensure that your hostees are alsofollowing our rules.
  • Please check your email and make sure your contact email is current! Let us know if you need to update your email address in our records.

If rejected:

  • Please make sure that you have read the rules.
  • Your skills may not be up to scratch so please apply at another time.
  • Please re-apply in a month if you think you have improved.

The following is not allowed and your account will be suspended if we discover any of this:

  • Copyrighted music/video files
  • Any public file storage or file upload systems
  • Pornographic or obscene images
  • Proxy scripts
  • Warez/Nulled Content
  • Any content associated with hacking
  • Any content inciting hatred of a discriminatory nature
  • Any stolen content or content that has not been credited for appropriately
  • The following scripts: Cutenews, Greymatter, PHPFanbase, Waks Ask & Answer
  • Racist/offensive content

Closing your site:

  • We do not like inactivity and like to save space for people who use their website. If your site is not updated for over two months without a reason (via email, or on your site itself) you will receive a warning email. You have two weeks to respond, and if we receive no response we will terminate your account.
  • If your domain expires and we don’t see it renewed or back up in two weeks from the moment we notice, we will terminate your account.
  • Rudeness towards Floriental staff or Floriental hostees will not be tolerated; if it gets out of hand your account will be deleted.
  • Please notify us if you will be moving or closing your site.