Howzit going guys, Steve from Broke to Wealthy. I hope you have all had an excellent week. Today is a special video as I am sharing my NFT portfolio with all of you. My NFTs are valued at a little over $10,000 and are held on two blockchains, Ethereum and Avalanche. We first take a look at Avalanche NFTs that are bought and sold on an exchange called Kalao. On Kalao is have 4 NFTs. The most expensive one is valued at $600 and is the Banksy Particles Collection from Love is in The Air. The other three are of lesser value and those are Crypto Dick Heads, Avax Lions and Avax Apes.

The NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain are my Lucky Lion Club, which I’m very proud of. The second one is Moonwhips, which is a project dedicated to mental health awareness. Thank you Kassim Richards for recommending that one. The third NFT is my most prized NFT, which is the Sandbox digital real estate. I suggest you check out my other video (How to Buy Virtual Real Estate) on how I purchased that one. The other NFT that I have is on Coinbase wallet and that is an Ethereum Name Service .eth domain name. This is like buying a domain name when the internet first came out. .eth names will lead to websites in web 3.0, which will be run on ethereum. Anheuser Busch recently bought beer.eth. Large corporations are starting to have a piece of the .eth domain world.

My other two NFTs are stored on the Veve app. The first one is Zombie Spiderman and the other one is Choices by Jermaine Rogers. Veve app has amazing brands like Coca Cola and Disney that have issued their NFTs. That is all for today’s video guys. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed filming it. This is not financial advice, but just showing you guys the NFTs that I am buying. Thank you for all the support, likes and subscribing. I am extremely grateful. Till the next video, stay in the game, keep investing and I’ll see you next week. Till there take care, cheers!

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