I apologise for the downtime that occurred in the past few days. My host made no mention of the cause of the downtime but I am positive no data was lost. The downtime was obviously only temporary and not a serious problem, however I am looking into perhaps changing Floriental’s server. I will definitely let all hostees know before this takes place, when or if it does.

All applications have been processed, so if you applied since the last update, you should have received a response to your email. New accounts/hostees are listed below. The closed accounts include only the ones closed in the past week, due to inactivity or websites not being opened.


Closed accounts:
17degrees.floriental.org, pagesbyme.floriental.org

As I have been physically ill lately and feeling very unwell, I have closed applicationsindefinitely. Support is still available for current hostees. You are free to email if you have any problems at all.