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Kaiju Cards is a Trading Card Game (TCG) heavily inspired by classics such as Magic: The Gathering and Yugioh, and Roguelike Deck-Builders like Slay the Spire and Hearthstone Mercenaries.

It is a Web3 game integrated with the Solana blockchain. Players collect character NFTs to form parties that can explore various dungeons, collect $GEMS and item NFTs, and strategically grow characters to become more powerful.

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0:00 Intro
3:07 What is Kaiju Cards?
5:47 Stability of the project
6:32 Team getting together
7:47 Genesis Quests vision
9:23 May recap
11:00 Rebrand
14:43 Plans for June
15:03 Sword forge
15:25 Marketplace
17:01 Game development
19:08 Sword forge tokenomics
21:05 Marketing strategy
32:34 Start Q&A
33:00 Sword forge
34:23 Next gen Kaijus
37:09 Combat system
41:19 In-game items
43:01 Leveling Kaijus
45:41 Lending feature
47:48 Sword prices
48:27 Marketplaces
49:51 Enemy intent feature
52:06 When will GQ end?
52:49 Item limits
55:03 Selling leveled Kaijus
55:57 When lending feature?
56:55 Wielding swords
57:37 GEMS tokenomics
59:41 Playable alpha
1:03:20 Achievements and titles
1:04:17 Outro

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