Launch Date: Until 11th April
Join availability: Until 14th December
End Date: 15th December
Total rewards: 200 000 USD equivalent in IGT (In-Game Tokens)
Number of Participants: 3737 MAX

This staking pool will be a non-custodial one. Meaning that you won’t have to do anything to receive your rewards other than hold NFTs in your personal Solana based wallet.

1. Transfer all your NFTs into your wallet;
2. Hold those NFTs;
3. Get to the website to check how many IGTs you’ve earned so far;
4. Claim your tokens at the end of Staking

Simple as that!

Very important part of all of our staking pools is that tokens become tradeable only after the game release and liquidity pool launch. That won’t make the IGT price fall. In fact, we expect the price of IGT to grow as well as a whole ecosystem of Project Hive after we release the game.

Details and Important conditions:

– Rewards become claimable at the end of Staking period (248 days – 15 December 2022)
– Rewards accrued daily and visible on the website
– Interest start generating in user’s wallet the day after he receives NFT in his wallet
– All accrued interest will stay bound to user’s wallet after he lose NFT (user won’t lose what was generated before that)
– As soon as user lose NFT he won’t receive interest, starting the next day
– If user lose 1 or more NFTs during the day, but still hold the rest, he will receive reward for those NFTs that left in his wallet
– Rewards depend on Quality and Quantity of NFTs in users wallet
– Multi NFT holding allowed and rewards generated per each NFT in user’s wallet
– Random snapshots happen daily. 1 at the beginning, 1 in the end and also random ones (changing every day), so we make sure the user really holds NFT all day long
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