Here you can find the right packages to suit your needs. Both subdomain and domain hosting is currently free of charge. Your usage will be monitored if you are hosted, so if you are running out of space we may automatically adjust your account’s limits without you having to ask. We do not offer very large packages because most hostees use about 100MB each. While hosting is free, extra space may require a fee in the near future to assist in the funding of this website.

You can also purchase a domain through us. You can apply for hosting with the domain and only pay for the domain – this is useful if you don’t like to go through the hassle of setting things up and just want everything to be available.

You may also purchase a domain on its own and we will be in control of the domain; you can have it hosted somewhere else. Please note that prices are subject to change.

If you do wish to apply for hosting with us with a domain, simply choose “domain hosting”.

Subdomain Hosting

You will only be allowed one email account. You can create this through your cPanel yourself. If you prefer to have simply let me know and we will create the account for you.

You are not allowed to host other people. However, you receive cPanel access for the independence of setting up your own databases, error pages and the like. :)

Subdomain hosting is currently available on the following domains:

  Pink Red
Space 50 MB 200 MB
Monthly Bandwidth 4000 MB 6000 MB
Email accounts 1 1
Email lists 1 1
FTP accounts 1 1
MySQL databases 5 5
cPanel access Yes Yes
Cost Free Free


Domain Hosting

We do not offer free domains. You must purchase the domain yourself, or you can buy a domain through us and we will register it for you.

You may host people with subdomains if you have one of these packages. You can also host people with domains, but as an add-on domain. This means that they will only have FTP access. Feel free to contact us for help on this.

  Spirit Passion
Space 100 MB 200 MB
Monthly Bandwidth 3000 MB 6000 MB
Email accounts 10 20
Email lists 10 20
FTP accounts 10 20
MySQL databases 10 20
Subdomains 10 20
Parked Domains 10 20
Addon Domains 10 20
cPanel access Yes Yes
Cost Free Free


Domain Purchase

If you would like me to buy a domain for you and set everything up, I can gladly do that. You can choose this option if you would like to spare yourself the hassle of setting everything up yourself.These prices are to purchase the domain alone.

You can be hosted here at Floriental or somewhere else and simply give me the information to set it up for you. The domain is under my control but you are free to use it where you like. This is particularly handy if you don’t want to confuse yourself with registrar interfaces or setting up a domain, and just want to have your site there and ready.

All domains are registered at I do charge a little bit more than the price of the domain but this money will be going towards Floriental and the cost of my reseller. All prices are in USD.

I currently only accept payments via PayPal.

.com, .net, .org, .biz, .eu $11.00
.info $3.00 for the first year, $10.00 for following years
.me $8.00 for the first year, $20.00 for following years
.us $9.00
.ca $13.00
.in, .ws $17.00
.co $25.00
.nu $60.00 for TWO years