This video is going to seem odd and I just made it for fun. I have been collecting NFTS on Wax. I got into it because of Crypto Stash and Kenn Bosak that have been showing us a lot about the NFT world on Wax. Wax can be a lot of fun because well anyone can make NFTs. But it also means that you have to learn how to spot talent or only got for the people after they are famous on there. I have done pretty well buying a selling NFTS there. Wax is great because you get to move around your wax and NFTs for free. You only have fees when you are buying or selling an NFT and that is how they fund the chain. I am glad to be here and taking part in the NFT world on Wax. In this one, I am open packs in the real world to find a card that will give me a pack of NFT cards. I think this is the first time people buying real-world cards will get a card that will give them a pack of NFTs. This is a big moment for that reason. I also might have got something cool. I hope you have a little fun if you watch but understand if you don’t. I have to learn how to open packs on film if I want to do this again but it was fun to mess around this week a little.

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