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Check out the next generation of play-to-earn games with Voxie Tactics! A fun free-to-play RPG game with no NFTs required! Exciting tactics-style gameplay and dozens of weapons and items to crush your enemies.

The projects that I covered and showcased in this video is sponsored. That doesn’t change the fact that I would gladly recommend them based on my personal taste and interest. That being said, whether it’s me or anyone else recommending any projects, please do your own research and never invest any money you cant afford to lose. Even the most stable and highest potential projects can completely fail or get hacked so always be careful and invest smart.

Voxie Tactics
▪ Website – https://www.voxies.io/
▪ Opensea – https://opensea.io/collection/voxies
▪ Discord – https://discord.gg/eREQBjTDnr
▪ Twitter – https://twitter.com/VoxiesNFT
▪ Token – https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/voxies/

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More about Voxie Tactics

Insanely addictive and deeply strategic turn based tactics game that can be enhanced through playing with your owned Voxies from the NFT project.

Collect, Battle and Earn in Voxie Tactics.

▪ Deep strategy and tactical role playing battles
Turn based combat that will challenge your tactical skills to their limits. Easy to get into, but hard to master.

▪ Huge variety and endless battle combinations
10 different races and over 20 unique classes to master, each with unique skills and abilities, that each bring something different to the battlefield.

▪ Seamlessly integrates with Voxies NFTs
Bring your unique Voxies to life in Voxie Tactics and play with your owned digital assets.

▪ Free to play and play to earn
You can earn VOXEL tokens and item NFTs in the game and you have full ownership of your assets. Earn weapons and item NFTs directly in the game as you play.

▪ Explore the world of Voxie Tactics
Unique exploration mode that blends between the battle action and provides an alternative to combat.

There are a large number of different pets that can be found and collected in Voxie Tactics, there might even be rewards for collecting them all.

Take your companion pets out with you as you explore the Voxiverse and use their unique abilities in the world to unlock new areas for exploration. Pets can even be useful in completing NPC quests that you will find in the world.

Equip & Interact
Each pet is trained and ready to help you fight in the battle arena. Voxies can take their pets into battle with them and each pet has special abilities that are designed to compliment the different Voxie classes and provide additional utility in your party that you might otherwise be lacking.

What exactly are Voxies?
Voxies is an NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain. Voxies are a lovable combination of cute voxels characters, adorable personalities and collectible NFT technology.

10,000 unique and individual Voxel characters.
The ONLY fully animated 3D NFT collectible.
Playful animations and emotes.
Unique costumes, weapons, accesories.
Multiple races – Human, Robot, Alien, Doge, Dragon, Zombie, Skeleton, and More!
Collectible companions accompany some Voxies – Kitty, Slime, Parrot, Bear, etc.
Full rarity tiers – Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Godly!

Purchase Voxies
Buy Voxie NFTs from the secondary market and take ownership of your cute lovable Voxies.

Collect & Trade
Collect and assemble your Voxies, combining classes and races to create your perfect Voxie party.

Play in Voxie Tactics
Take your Voxies into Voxie Tactics (launching later this year) to battle it out against other Voxies for rewards.

The distribution of Voxies’ attributes is completely random across the 10,000 supply.

Each attribute will have a different rarity distribution depending on the attribute type, so the exact numbers for each attribute are not listed here, however all of these attributes combine together to give each Voxie an overall ‘rarity’ value.

For example, if a Voxie has a few attributes that are considered rare in their own category, the Voxie will move up the overall rarity chart. If a Voxie has many attributes that are considered rare, that Voxie could become Epic, Legendary or even Godly!

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