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None of this is investment advice. This is all an incredibly new and risky set of investments, and I’m just learning about it as I go along. This video is for entertainment purposes only – I can’t stress enough just how risky this all is. Do your own research and speak to a professional for investment advice.

In this, my second video for the channel, I wanted to take a look at RTFKT, a native metaverse brand bought by Nike in one of the biggest metaverse acquisitions so far…

I go over the beginnings of RTFKT (pronounced Artefact) and the lead up to their famous ‘Clone X’ avatar project.

In collaboration with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, RTFKT took the NFT world by storm as they launched their secretive ‘Akira’ NFT project which later was revealed as the Clone X avatar project.

I go over some of Takashi’s earlier work and why this artist was such a great catch for the RTFKT team in terms of art and also in terms of kudos as an investment. Takashi has previously worked with some amazing brands including Hublot, vans, and Yves Saint Laurent.

With his watch designs selling for over €104,000, and exhibitions in the Palace of Versailles in Paris, Takashi Murakami has brought incredible status to the project, and Nike’s acquisiton of RTFKT starts to make perfect sense…

The artist Fewocious was also a collaborator with RTFKT, with their shoe line selling $3.1 million in just 7 minutes. It really has fast become a powerhouse brand, and seems set to expand further as interest in the metaverse only continues to grow.

I go over my finding of the Clone X avatar project, why I becamd convinced of its value, and what I think now as the project seems to be progressing wonderfully…

We just got 2 airdrop! (free stuff 🙂 ) whic h I show at the end, and stay tuned at the end for a little info on an upcoming NFT launch by the artist Takashi Murakami himself!

Thanks for watching!

If you’d like to see my series about my Damien Hirst NFT which is what got me into the metaverse, then you can find that playlist on my other channel here:


Here’s some links to some of the people mentioned in the video:

Link to my Spacepod:
Link to the my spacepod extension:

Takashi Murakami’s Twitter:

Takashi Murakami’s NFT Collection Page on Instagram:
(Not sure which resource is best right now – we’re all still searching for where to get the best info…)

Takashi’s Instagram links to this page (more info…):

Takashi’s collection on Opensea (even though it hasn’t launched yet…):

RTFKT Twitter:

(you can find my link to Decentraland at the top…)

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