Intended for traditional visual artists and crypto-novices, “NFTs: Friend or FOMO?” will cover the basics of non-fungible tokens, blockchain, and the nuts and bolts of this emerging technology—specifically in relation to the fine arts.

Join Artwork Archive cofounder Justin Anthony and Artwork Archive editor Emilie Trice for this hour-long presentation on the merits—and the myths—of NFTs. Access the slide presentation with links to additional resources here.

Artwork Archive believes in empowering artists at every stage in their careers. Based on questions we’ve fielded from our artist clients, we developed this webinar to answer the most common questions we’ve received, and add some insights on the hype surrounding NFTs, while also providing resources to those artists interested in learning more.

Topics covered in the webinar will include:

• What do NFTs mean for artists?

• Why are NFTs so disruptive?

• What are some important (and surprising) stats to know about the NFT market?

• What are the major blockchains, cryptocurrencies and NFT marketplaces? What are some of the downfalls of NFTs?

• How does one buy an NFT? And why would you?

• What makes an NFT “drop” successful?

Access the presentation slides with links to resources here:

**Disclaimer: We do not endorse or have any affiliations with any of the organizations or individuals linked in this presentation. Those links are supplied as additional research options should you wish to further explore the topic and do not represent the views or opinions of Artwork Archive.

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