In this video we talk about NFT Worlds ( $WRLD ) and how using Minecraft as the foundation of their metaverse, may change the entire metaverse landscape in the near term. I don’t think NFT Worlds is a major threat to the photorealistic metaverses, but they will likely take market share from the low graphic metaverses like Sandbox and Decentraland. Building on Minecraft has so many advantages including that they already have 1.8M daily active users and we will get into this more in the video. Make sure to subscribe for more metaverse breakdowns. We will be posting every weekday on metaverse projects.

Topics of the Video
00:00 – Introduction
01:51 – NFT World Plots Comparison
04:20 – Advantages to Minecraft
05:49 – Tokenomics
08:35 – How to Create a World
10:40 – The 2 Founders of NFT Worlds
13:20 – Upcoming for NFT Worlds
14:15 – $WRLD Token Uses and Explanation
15:20 – $WRLD vs $SAND and $MANA
18:03 – Looking at the Possibilities of NFTWRLD


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