In this video we will go over how you can earn an NFT by using the ETH merge Kiln testnet.

It’s very simple. You will require an ENS domain and then do these 3 steps:

1. Add the Kiln Network to your metamask.

2. Request funds from the Kiln faucet. (using your ENS)

3. Perform a transaction on the Kiln network.

This alone will qualify you for the Merge NFT reward.

Helpful Links:

馃憠 Merge Tester Overview:

馃憠Faucet for those with no ENS (will take 4 hours for 32 ETH):

馃憠 Add the Kiln Network to your metamask here:

馃憠 Kiln Faucet:

馃憠 Get your ENS domain here:

馃憠 SheGen Tweet:

馃憠Perform Your Kiln Transaction here (just click “write” next to the mint button):

**Note: Someone brought it to my attention that this might not be working now. An alternative solution would be to create another metamask wallet and send some KILN ETH back and forth. Or you can search for contracts here:

馃憠 Merge Testnet Article:

馃憠 Twitter: SovernMichael

馃憠 @SovereignMichael

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Thank you for watching guys. Talk to you all soon.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. These videos are my own opinions and represent what I am currently doing in the Cryptocurrency markets. Like any market, cryptocurrency markets contain risks.

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