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Awesome NFT Play To Earn Crypto Game! To be released soon!

The Evolving Forest is a new Play To Earn Game that is just about to be released. Discover Why I’m bullish for this NFT P2E farming and breeding game. In the Evolving Forest P2E Game you breed plants to fruit plants and to create new NFT plants that you can sell on the NFT market.

Even thought the Genesis saplings were minted on ETH, all staked saplings, will be automatically have new FTM saplings that will sit on the FTM network. The game will be on FTM, so the fees will be incredibly minimal. If you ever want to sell your sapling NFT on the Ethereum network you will be able to unstake your plant, which will stake the FTM sapling, and you will have the ETH NFT available to sell on OpenSea.

In this P2E game, many other saplings can be created and sold as NFTs, but only the original genesis saplings will live forever and will also get a tithe of PSCI, the in game token, tithed back to them for every transaction in the game. This could make the genesis NFTs highly valuable in the future if the game becomes a huge success in the Play To Earn Crypto gaming world.

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