OpenSea created a new category, photography! They are Twitter account had the tweet pinned for at least a week, I haven’t checked it lately, so during the vacuum. Of Christmas day and New Year’s I decided to upload 75 photographs that guy captured in a two minute span. While I was uploading number 20, on my phone (Yes, the photos were taken with a Nikon Z6 but I imported them to my iPhone through the SnapBridge app, surprisingly it worked well.) Received an error message and uploaded it again. I think that’s the reason why the 75 item collection show 76 on OpenSea, polygon block chain by the way.(I’m using speech to text because I’m blind, not sorry.)
Another issue that I came across was that number 64 cannot be seen through MetaMask, but on the web 2.0 app it is clearly visible in my activity. I’m not complaining, just playing around with new technology.

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