This is a Full NFT GUIDE for Maximizing Profit! When it comes to buying Crypto art or NFTs Opensea is typically where most do there searching but the The key is to get them first just like any other collectable or item of high resale value. In this video I will be teaching you how to not only get your NFTs before they even hit the market, but also how to be able to tell the rarity of your NFT.


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00:00- Intro
01:44- What Is NFT
02:38- Finding Rare NFTs Early
02:57- Upcoming NFT Projects
04:23- Minting NFTs Like a Pro
09:41- How To Know NFT Rarity
10:04- NiftyRiver Premium
11:30- NiftyRiver Free
12:17- Rare NFT Score Example
14:16- Should I sell NFT or Hold
15:44- The Close

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