If you are an NFT Artist, NFT Collector, or part of the NFT Community, these are some Discord Servers you need to join!

If you’re watching this video, you’re probably an NFT Collector looking for the next big NFT project, an NFT Artist looking to Shill your NFT (btw, shill means SHOW or display your work to potential buyers), or maybe you’re just starting out in NFTs and are looking to connect and learn.

In this video, I’m going to show you guys the Top 10 NFT Discord Servers that you can join, to find the next big NFT Project, SHILL your NFTs, Connect with the NFT Community and NFT Leaders, and most importantly LEARN and stay in the loops of what’s going on in the NFT Space BEFORE priceless information is available to the public.

It’s important to note how difficult it is to find the best NFT Discord Servers, and how important it is to join NFT Discord Servers that are not only credible, but are also valuable in terms of engagement, value, community, and size.

In the next few minutes, you’ll have access to a combined 600,000 highly engaged NFT Discord Server members… that is absolutely insane!

So, let’s jump right in…

To keep this video SHORT, I’ll keep it simple with the NFT Discord Server name, how many members each NFT Discord Server has, and finally, how to join them all with ease.

And as a BONUS, at the end of this video, I’ll share with you what will be the best place for you to Shill your NFTs!

01:45 NFT Discord Server #1: NFTs World | #1 NFT Community
02:00 NFT Discord Server #2: VeeFriends NFT by Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee)
02:15 NFT Discord Server #3: r/NFT Community
02:30 NFT Discord Server #4: OpenSea NFT
02:40 NFT Discord Server #5: Larva Labs NFT (Cryptopunks NFT | Meebits NFT | Autoglyphs NFT)
02:55 NFT Discord Server #6: MekaVerse NFT
03:05 NFT Discord Server #7: NFT Art Finance
03:20 NFT Discord Server #8: Cool Cats NFT
03:35 NFT Discord Server #9: Lazy Lions NFT
03:50 NFT Discord Server #10: The Doge Pound NFT

And there you have it!

You’ve saved yourself days, if not weeks, if not months of research… believe me, that’s how long it took me to identify the best NFT Discord Servers in terms of engagement, value, community, and size… you’re welcome!

Now what I’ve done is I’ve created a brand new discord server called Shill your NFT, where I organized all of the ten servers mentioned and made it super easy for you to join them ALL in a couple of clicks.

The link to my NFT Discord Server is at the top of the description.

Also note that I will be adding new NFT Discord Servers to our list as I find them, or as they are released… assuming they are the best of the best.

Now here’s the bonus, aside from having access to the top ten NFT Discord Servers (with more to come)…

By being a member of my Shill your NFT Discord Server, you will be able to Drop your NFTs freely in the shill-your-nft channel (once per hour actually).

I realize that we don’t have any members yet, but that’s because I literally just put this server together.

My mission is to have the largest NFT Discord Server for Shilling online, where NFT Artists are dropping their works of art every few seconds.

It will be a dream not only for NFT Artists to sell their work, but it will also be a dream for NFT Collectors to pick-up new NFT Art as it is dropped in the NFT Discord Server (or should I say Shilled).

So go ahead, click the link in at the top of the description to join my Shill your NFT Discord Server, then join the top ten NFT Discord Servers, then go ahead a Shill your NFT 😊

Thank for listening and I’ll see you on the inside.

Signing off…

The Wealthy Trainer… but you can call me Marc inside the NFT Discord Server 😉

#nft #nftcommunity #nftart

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