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Welcome to Our NFT 2022 Video!

ClubRare – The World’s first community-centered Physical NFT marketplace for collectors. We connect the Real-world and the Metaverse. We are a community for people who trade the things we love.

The ClubRare mini metaverses will be customizable and unique to each user to match the identity of the owner. ClubRare is a blockchain project with the goal of creating an NFT metaverse community for collectors.

“ClubRare aims to make it easier to trade limited and luxury goods in a cross-chain-based decentralized environment,” said Paul Chung, CEO and founder of ClubRare. “Within our own metaverse, users can collect, display and trade limited edition NFT products that are difficult to obtain and easily trade or sell them to other global users in the form of auctions or sales.”

ClubRare is in the process of integrating a token economy through all of its products: the AGOV token, the Lazy Leo NFT avatar, and the physical NFT marketplace. ClubRare’s token economy will support Klaytn and Ethereum networks, as well as the platform’s governance AGOV token.

ClubRare is a luxury limited-edition NFT marketplace allowing the owners of premium collectibles, such as handbags, watches, sneakers and other hard-to-find merchandise, to issue a Non-Fungible Token linked to the physical item.

ClubRare opens the opportunity for collectors to bid on the NFTs dropped in the marketplace, then in case of auction winning they are given the NFT representing the physical item. Its model provides exposure to premium and rare items, the convenience of NFTs, and liquidity to collectors.

ClubRare Metaverse’s Utility Token: MPWR
MPWR is a utility token commonly used at ClubRare’s Metaverse. It allows users to display their physical NFTs in their showcase and also convert the physical products they own into NFTs and display them in their personal Metaverse showcase. The users can create their own customized showcases by decorating them with various physical NFTs and interior elements.

MPWR’s utility is also about it being the reward of ClubRare Metaverse’s Guild Battles, Quests, and Contests.

ClubRare NFT Collection: Lazy Leo Club
Lazy Leo Club is an NFT project that aims to become the VIP community of ClubRare, the first shopping Metaverse platform. ClubRare plays a pivotal role in operating Lazy Leo Club.


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