On this episode of NFTs on PSP Cobe addresses the recent panic over the NFL All Day Market value drop.

The NFL All Day Marketplace has taken a bit of a hit recently. For instance the Tom Brady All Day Debut has gone down froma Low Ask of around $400 to as low as $285 recently. Other high value Commons have taken a significant drop as well, but the Rares are where the majority of market value reductions have occured. Does this mean that NFL All Day is on the downswing already? I really don’t think so. I just believe that there are enough external things going on with competing NFTs, and the initial excitement over what’s almost sure to be the most exciting sports NFT product has subsided. Maintaining the constant growth in value during an off season where there haven’t been any Challenegs or utility to speak of is impossible.

I find it hard to believe that there are Collectors looking to turn a significant profit before the NFL Season is underway. I know there are some but it just seems like a fool’s errand to me. Most of us are looking to profit once the NFL Season is fully underway. Moment values are sheer speculation until then.

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