EDIT 1/02/222: Seriously, stop watching this. This only took a few minutes for me to make, and it’s a low-effort meme template anyway. Check out stuff that I actually spent time working on, such as my DA: https://www.deviantart.com/attackofthecatpeople and my Neocity: https://kmfstudiosarchives.neocities.org/kammie/index.html Seriously, I’ve been working on “Kammie’s World” and its characters and lore for years, and yet y’all ignore it and focus on this.

EDIT 29/01/22: Had to disable comments due to weebs bitching. What part of “All credit to the original artists, songwriters, and animators.” did you miss? Also, you probably jack off to CP anyway, like 99% of all weebs.

EDIT 10/01/22: Stop bitching that “ThE oRiGiNaL cReAtOr WoUlDnT lIkE tHiS!!1” That is called concern-trolling, and it’s not a good thing. I bet y’all are crypto bros trying to silence criticism. Any comment along these lines will be removed.

EDIT 6/11/21: And Pepe and Doge belong to the Internet, not a bunch of crypto bros!

All credit to the original artists, songwriters, and animators.

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