A website selling clips of popular Twitch streamers like Nickmercs as NFT’s has been shut down after people began questioning the ethics and legality of the site.

The site, myclips.tv, was selling clips of Twitch streamers like Nickmercs and Tfue as NFT’s that you viewers could buy with crypto currency, and claimed that the proceeds went back to the streamers. Once the site started getting attention however, a lot of users questioned how this could be possible, and if they even had the right to sell these clips in the first place.

Backlash against the site, which was selling these Twitch clips for over $50 a piece in many cases, kept growing on twitter until the website decided to close itself down.In a farewell message, they thanked the community for voicing their concerns, and called the entire thing an experimental new way to donate to streamers.

Needless to say, most of twitter thought the entire thing was just a scam, and wondered how much of the sales the site had kept for themselves, and how they could think they had the right to sell them in the first place. But with the site shutdown before legal action could be taken, we may never know what kind of legal consequences this alleged NFT scam could have faced.

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