The NFT industry continues to make headlines, with a surge in NFT and Metaverse-related trademark filings. This year has seen an increase in regulatory attention as mainstreamers continue to shift to digital assets and the Metaverse.

Mainstream Players Transitioning to NFT

In a busy 2022, a lot of large brands have entered the NFT industry. Names originate from a variety of industries, including music, fashion, fast food, and even finance.

We recently reported that the New York Stock Exchange had filed trademark applications for NFT and Metaverse-related terms. The NYSE followed key companies such as McDonald’s, Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Adidas, and prominent fashion brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. Interest in the Metaverse has also increased, with JPMorgan estimating a $1 trillion Metaverse as major players investigate the prospects that the Metaverse may provide. Former First Lady Melania Trump has been involved in the NFT arena, in addition to the huge personalities that have entered it.

Despite Donald Trump’s anti-crypto rhetoric throughout his administration, Melania Trump has entered the crypto arena. Melania Trump established the NFT platform Melaniatrump on the Solana (SOL) blockchain in December.

The former first lady marked the occasion with her first NFT, a self-portrait titled “Melania’s Vision.” Trump then held the Head of State, Collection NFT sale after the “Melania’s Vision” sale.

The collection will include ten unique works of digital artwork, according to Trump’s tweet. Iconic highlights will include a visit to Mount Rushmore on July 4th and Christmas at the White House. The limited-edition collection includes 10,000 NFTs, each priced at $50.

Following the drama of last month, the NFT market will be monitoring to see who successfully bids for the NFTs. As the former first lady pointed out, “collectors may make numerous purchases to possess the full POTUS TRUMP collection.” The deal will begin on February 21st, President’s Day.

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