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MASSIVE Upcoming Video Game | BF Party NFT

Today I’m covering a play & earn blockchain game called BF Party. It is a future NFT videogame structured as a series of elimination like mini-games for 60-100 players where survivors are rewarded with various in-game assets.

The implementation of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), enable these assets to be directly owned and therefore sold for actually money by the player. This is an evolution of gaming that is currently taking place.

In this video I go through an overview of BF party and why I am keeping this project on my radar.

Come follow along if you want to learn more or just stay and vibe. It’s gonna be a wild ride. Peace

00:00 – Introduction to the Blockchain project BF Party
00:36 – What is BF Party?
01:13 – Games inspiration – Super Smash Bros and Fall Guys
02:55 – BF Party’s Team
03:42 – The Parallax and Nano Bushido (Lead Game Developer) interview
04:32 – Game Theory
05:32 – Gwent, Witcher 3, Game Development Team
06:31 – BF Party’s Web 3 Network (NanoVerse)
07:54 – Personal Opinions and Breakdown
08:43 – Demo and Conclusion

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