Welcome to Season 2 of MANTRA Vlog! 🕉

Start our inaugural episode of our new season with a bang as we give you a sneak peek into the building blocks of CLUB DAO – the world’s first private members’ club for the crypto, blockchain and NFT space. 🪙

Then, have a cultural journey around the globe as the team celebrates Chinese New Year in Hong Kong and heads to New York and Dubai for meeting with potential collaborators and to spread our MANTRA worldwide. 🌏

You’ll also get to meet a couple of new exciting members of our team and celebrate the 1-year anniversary of our Senior Marketing Manager, Joanna. 🍾

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00:00 Intro
00:05 The Making of CLUB DAO
03:10 Chinese New Year 2022 🧧
04:40 New York, New York
05:55 Dubai
07:55 Photoshoot Time 📷
11:02 Packing for Permissionless!
12:11 Happy 1-Year Anniversary
13:01 Outro

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