The Best way to compare NFTs- which NFTs should I buy?
Will Crypto and NFTS make me rich?

Are you trying to make money with Crypto and NFTs?
Will CryptoSlam make me rich?

Get off social media, quit buying skins on Fornite shooting, and go to CryptoSlam
a free, online site that will help you find the next crypto or NFT TO THE MOON explosion

If you had invested $100 in a Bored Ape or crypto punk NFTs
Instead of wasting money with your credit card and on junk food
The prices of both NFTs when up so high that You would now be a millionaire

How can you find the next Bored ape or cryptopunk?

On the CryptoSlam website, Go to “Blockchains by NFT Sales Volume”
Right now, Opensea, powered by Ethereum, is by far the market leader
Axie Infinity is powered by Ronin, and NBATopShot by Flow
Make sure to keep an eye on Solana and Avalanche, when these blockchains start increasing market share, it might be a great time to get some Solana or Avalanche NFTs

Now go to “NFT Collection Rankings by Sales Volume”
Option are 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, and all time
If you can find an NFT collection that has been moving up the charts, it could be a real winner

Lets look at the Azuki collection
It was no1 during the last 30 days, but seemed to lose steam recently
Last week it dropped to number 6, and today it dropped to number 9
Might want to hold off on a purchase

CryptoSlam- find the next 100x crypto or NFT
an Awesome resource-helping to decide which blockchains and NFTs are worth investing in

This is Dr Kidwell, How to make money with Crypto

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