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These videos are presented by Matt Willemsen (Head of Research & Content at Collective Shift).

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00:00 Intro
02:51 Rising consumer prices in Australia
04:10 RBA monetary policy update
07:27 U.S. stock markets at record highs
12:10 Commonwealth Bank to offer Bitcoin, Ethereum
23:30 Stablecoin risk report
31:30 Crypto mobile apps reach #1 on Google Play Store, Apple App Store
34:08 McDonald’s McRib NFT
38:50 The Matrix Resurrections NFT
42:10 Facebook rebrands to Meta, focusing on metaverse
46:45 Nike, Microsoft prepare to enter the metaverse
49:56 Melbourne Cup Carnival comes to Decentraland (
51:30 Market commentary: BTC and ETH
54:35 Looking ahead

Video filmed: Nov. 3, 2021


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