In this video I go over the Looksrare NFT Marketplace. We cover how much I’ve made staking the LOOKS token, and some things to look out for when it comes to the future price prediction of the LOOKS crypto token. Time stamps:

0:00 – Intro
0:33 – First look at Looksrare staking APR
0:50 – My LOOKSRARE Airdrop
1:09 – How much I earned staking LOOKS for 20 days
1:40 – LOOKS Staking autocompounfing
1:48 – WETH rewards on Looksrare
2:19 – How do you qualify for LOOKSrare airdrop?
2:44 – to find available airdrops (side note)
3:10 – Tokenomics of Looksrare NFT marketplace
4:07 – LOOKS Token Price Predicition
3:35 – Looksrare vs Opensea market cap
4:50 – Dune Analytics Looksrare vs Opensea
5:25 – Looks Rare Platform Fee and Rewards
6:14 – LOOKS Trading Rewards
6:40 – Wash trading Scandal on LooksRare
7:07 – What is Wash Trading on LOOKS
7:44 – Why is Looksrare letting wash trading?
8:40 – What does all this mean for the casual Looksrare NFT trader or LOOKS Staker
9:19 – Will Looksrare continue to grow and gain traction?
10:00 – Watch out for falling rewards
10:30 – Looksrare future outlook
11:00 – A look at the LOOKSrare marketplace
11:14 – How to speculate on FLOOR price with Looksrare
12:00 – Recap of Looksrare and Looksrare team

Looksrare NFT Marketplace did a big looksrare airdrop at the beginning of 2022. Since the platforms launch Looksrare has been crushing Opensea in terms of NFT sales volume. However, things aren’t as straight forward as they seem.

In this video we’ll take a look at some of the backend analytics on Looksrare vs opensea to see if the growth of the NFT marketplace is sustainable.

I will also show you how much I have made in WETH and LOOKS staking the LOOKS crypto token.

Reward rates for LOOKS holders are dropping soon. I recommend you give this video a watch and decide for yourself if you think Looks rare and it’s LOOKS crypto token will be able to maintain it’s price or go up over time.

Of course, this is only for entertainment purposes. I don’t know the future of crypto, crypto platforms, NFTs or any of those things. Please do your own research and invest wisely.

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This video is intended for entertainment purposes only. Nothing stated in this video is legal advice or investment advice. Always do your own research.

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