Let’s Go Brandon NFT
The most controversial meme-avatar project in NFT

An amalgamation of clashing and contrasting images, featuring different styles of ‘Brandon’ sporting various looks, overlays, and render styles, the chance of haz’ing lazer eyes, chance of being on fire, and text overlays. Boring details aside, the end result is often a mixture of hilarious and horrifying, absurd and ‘oh too real’, like watching a train-wreck, really… you don’t want to watch, but you can’t look away.

Each NFT is massively unique, some attributes more ‘rare’ than others… some ‘super rare’… some are even ‘super ultra rare’… a few of them are so mega ultra rare as to be considered a veritable ‘Brandon-Unicorn’.

Let’s Go Brandon NFT Features:

30 backgrounds 15 teeth variants 10 ray variants 3 back of head accessories chance of being on fire 10 eye variants 35 different Brandon’s 35 rare ‘Shine’ variants 12 hats 5 possible glasses chance of mustache 5 nose accessories lazer eyes (pew-pew) 10 text variants

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