Kodiyakredd & Flyysoulja | Before They Were Famous | Exposing The Island Boys
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We have already dropped a Before They Were Famous on these twins but intrigue into these two is something we haven’t seen since the days of Bhad Bhabie’s Catch Me Outside or Lil Tay so we decided to delve a little deeper. We also got a ton of DMs from you guys giving us a ton more details of what these boys were up to prior to their viral hit The Island Boys. We got mug shots, details on their parents, time in Juvenal detention, baby mama drama, and more so let’s get into it. My name of course is Michael McCrudden and welcome back to Before They Were Famous. Since these boys exploded we have had a ton of other Florida artists reach out to us like CheckTheStar so be sure to let us know who to feature next. Alright let’s get into this updated video.

The Island Boys Cameo: https://bit.ly/2ZWoVNA

The Island Boys | Before They Were Famous: https://youtu.be/OpwaCaTd6Oo

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